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Samsung SyncMaster S24B300 24" Monitor Unboxing

What up peepz, so here is an unboxing for this new 24" monitor i just bought.
lirian beqiraj : I am not a computer guy. But the price was right for me, The picture was great>JustU.Faith/Samsung24?肴   The curved screen is a nice feature. Overall I am impressed. It works great with the home office work I do, playing a little flight sim, and streaming videos.
Velo Flex : You said somethig anout the screen switching off wehen you triesd to turn it on the same thing happens to me as soon as i turn it on there is just a square popping up in the upper left hand corner saying DVI and ANALOG and then it turn off, what should i do ? :(
Abdullah Bawahab : My proplem is I played in it ps4 but now I can't play in it why ? But in anther TV Ican
Peter Peterson : The only problem i have with this screen : Cant put it on the wall since it dont have any place for screw behind it. I got it for around 130 bucks so its a damn great monitor for this price ! Have it for now 3 years and it still runs like it was brand new. :P
alkoholiCAR1 : can i rotate it from left to right?

Samsung SyncMaster s24b300 unboxing

My first unboxing video thing! Be kind! I bought the Samsung SyncMaster 24inch LED monitor with the hdmi setup and decided I would video myself opening it up, that's about it lads...
VaultDwellerVideos : Hey! do you mean the size of the screen or? The actual size of the screen is 23.6 inches

Samsung SyncMaster S24B300H 24" LCD LED Monitor Review

Nicolas11x12 reviewing the Samsung SyncMaster S24B300H 24" LCD LED Monitor.

Manufacturer: Samsung
Model: LS24B300HS/EN

Full Specifications:

My Hardware Unboxing Channel:

The royalty free music used in this video is "Cold Kill" by Tilman Sillescu, BMI (www.freeplaymusic.com), licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0".
Published by: Freeplay Music, BMI (100%)
Emii : I have a problem i connect VGA to monitor and to my pc but on monitor is just showing DVI and i dont have signal
TheKamel : How to unlock all options ? I have blocked i dont know why :/
Andy Jame : Wow what a bargain! JustU.Faith/Samsung24 I wasn’t expecting much but was I wrong. Games look great and movies look even better. Have my gaming systems and pc connected to it with a splitter so it serves a multipurpose for me!
Dera : took me 2 years to know that i can actually adjust the monitor by tilting it
because iw as afraid it will broke because it sounds like it cracks.. Naiiiis
Nuno Rodrigues : Is there a built in speaker




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