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문화산업 F190 7 박스화일 접는법

화일링의 명품 문화산업 정품 화일박스 사용법 입니다. 종이화일, 문서이관, 서류보관

Original Fw-190A-5 - BMW-801 - Only Flying Original in the world


Flying Heritage Collection owns and maintains the only flying original Focke-Wulf 190 in the world at this time. Though several are under restoration, this unique Fw-190 was recovered from an overgrown forest in the 1990's and became airworthy only a few years ago. The 190 is flown before crowds at the Flying Heritage Collection at Paine Field in Everett, Washington, thanks to owner Paul Allen.

Focke Wulf 190 AWESOME SOUND !!!

FW190 Engine startup, fly and taxing at Breitscheid Airshow 2010.

This FW190 is a 1:1 new build replica (very close to the the original aircraft, exept the engine).
The parts came from "Flugwerk" as a kit and "Meier Motors" put it together and made it airworthy.
These new FW190 replicas were sold with a Russian/Chinese ASh-82 14 cyl. 2000 Horsepower radial engine, which was a good match for the rare BMW801 14 cyl. radial engines at a much lower cost. The replicas were designed with a new 3-blade prop, but one of the first examples crashed from a failure in the electric prop control. The 4-blade was a matched prop from the Tu-2 that was substituted while the problem with the new 3-blade was fixed. The 3-blade prop is now back in use.
This aircraft is now flying in the USA.




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