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Wireless Communications: lecture 1 of 11 - Review of basic concepts

Lecture 1 of the Wireless Communications course (SSY135) at Chalmers University of Technology. Academic year 2018-2019. Slides available at https://tinyurl.com/y5pf562v

Fundamentals of RF and Wireless Communications

Learn about the basic principles of radio frequency (RF) and wireless communications including the basic functions, common specifications, and key parameters involved in defining and evaluating RF communications systems.

05:08 Fundamentals
15:50 Basic Functions Overview
20:03 Important RF Parameters
20:29 Key Specifications

Machine Learning And Wireless Communications- ICASSP2020 Tutorial

Machine Learning And Wireless Communications, by Yonina Eldar, H. Vincent Poor, Nir Shlezinger - ICASSP2020 Tutorial




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